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Hiking Trips Romania

Find Hiking Trips Romania that will take you into another world

Hiking Trips Romania – This article is reserved for more experienced hikers, therefore if you already have experience of mountain trails and want adrenaline or less popular but spectacular trips, then you can choose a high difficulty hike. Here are a few examples:

Pietrele Hut – Gentiana Hut – Bucurii Bend – Bucura Lake – Peleaga Peak (duration: 4-5 hours)

If you want a daring Hiking Trips Romania route through the Meridionali, then you can choose to go from Cabana Pietrele to Varful Peleaga. The trail is marked with a blue stripe from Pietrele to Curmatura Bucurii, and from there to Peleaga with a red stripe. In order to be able to complete it, you will need to research the places you will pass through beforehand and special equipment such as trekking poles, hiking boots or waterproof clothing.

Hiking Trips RomaniaThe hike involves very large temperature variations and the weather can change along the way, which is natural, considering that the Peleaga Peak is at 2,509 m altitude. On the way you will be able to admire Lake Bucura, the largest glacial lake in our area, which is part of the Retezat National Park.

Busteni – Plaiul Munticelul – Poiana Costila – Pichetul Rosu – La Prepeleac – Cabana Malaiesti (duration: 6 hours)

A spectacular route, in which you will cover 12 kilometers passing from 925 m altitude to 1.720 m. Basically, you will walk in the north-eastern part of the Bucegons, surrounding most of the massif. In winter the road is very dangerous and difficult, especially between Pichetul Rosu and Cabana Malaiesti.

Busteni – Jepilor Mici Valley – Cabana Caraiman – Cabana Babele – Hotel Pestera (duration: 5-6 hours)

Adrenaline and spectacular landscapes? You can opt for a route that starts from the paper mill in Busteni and ends at the Pestera Hotel. The trail will take you through the Jepilor Mici Valley, . Which is a difficult stretch with rough terrain for which you need to be well trained. In winter it is not recommended to cross there. Also, whatever the season, you will need to take special equipment if you choose to do this trail.

Daring Hiking Romania Trips in the Western Carpathians

Padis hut – Poiana Ponor – Ponor Cave (duration: 5 hours from Padis hut, 4 hours from Glavoi)

If you want to see one of the most spectacular karst areas in the Apuseni Mountains, then you must go to Cetatile Ponor. You can start from the Padis hut or from the Glavoi campsite. You can choose the following circuit. 12 kilometres long: Padis Hut – Ponor Pond – Cetatilor Valley – Dolina I – Cetatile Ponoroului – Dolina II (if you want and if the waters are low) – Dolina III – Balcoane – Cetatilor Valley – Glavoi Pond – Padis Hut. If the waters are low. You can go through the underground tunnel between Dolina II and Dolina III. As an alternative to the surface road. The route has some very difficult sections, where you will have to walk on metal ladders and hold on to the chains. This trail is forbidden in winter.

Pietroasa Village – Aleului Valley – Poiana Aleului – Bohodei Waterfall – Saua Bohodei – Poiana Boiului – Vl. Serpilor – Vl. Aleului (duration: 6 – 6,5 hours)

This is the road that takes you to the Bohodei Waterfall. The scenery is fairytale, but the route is very steep and not recommended unless you have a good physical fitness. In addition, you will have to walk three sections with rocks, holding on to the chains. The trail is to be avoided in the rain, and is forbidden in winter. You need high grip shoes to avoid slipping.

You have reached your destination! As we discovered together in the above lines, these Hiking Trips Romania will surprise you. With a varied list of mountain trails, dedicated to hikers with years of experience in the heart of the mountains.

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