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Hiking Romania

Hiking Romania

Hiking Romania – Go pack your necessary items and join us in a wonderful experience! Romania may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a new adventure, but it’s definitely worth it. Why do we believe this? Because, unlike other popular destinations, it’s still an unrevealed gem to most travelers.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what it’s called “slow traveling”. This means we won’t rush from one place to another, desperately trying to see everything that the country has to offer. No, we like to take it slowly. We believe that hiking Romania could be the perfect trip experience if you like to take your time. You’ll visit places you’ve never seen before, and meet the locals. The most time will be spent in nature. Also, you’ll have a professional local guide all by yourself, explaining everything you need to know.

Why visit Romania?

There are plenty of Reasons to visit Romania and endulge in the beauty it has to offer. Most Natural Parks and other natural areas haven’t been touched by technology yet. Most locals you’ll meet still live like in the olden days. Some prefer to call them “the golden days”. The mountains are easy to hike, even for larger groups of people. If you’d like a more adventurous type of hike, let us know. We can take you on more difficult trails if you’d like and have the necessary equipment.

All in all, you’ll have fun, enjoy nature, learn from the locals and even find yourself wanting to come back.

Hiking Romania – the undiscovered gem

Hiking RomaniaAlthough Romania has been visited by lots of tourists already, we believe there is always place for more. As most hiking areas have never been touched by technology, you’ll be able to admire nature as it is. If we’re lucky, we might even observe natural wildlife, such as foxes, squirrels or birds. Wolves and bears are usually avoiding the most common trails, because they know there’s no food available here.

Private Groups Only

We are a team of professional local guides, born and raised between the Carpathian Mountains. This is our home, and we want to show it to the world as well. That’s why we are ready to accommodate private groups of people. If you like to travel by yourself, you can have a local guide all for yourself as well! So let us know today what your preferences are and let’s have the adventure of a lifetime!

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